Jesus follower, passionate about people, wine lover, cake baker, film enthusiast, beach volleyball player, singing all the time type, woodland walker, all out worshipper, prophetic, journaler, adventurer, fire starter, pursuing intimacy with God with all the hunger that He has put within me!

Currently in my mid-twenties, living and working in Brighton, UK. Living in a newly converted stand alone garage, I have my own little bathroom, kitchen, lounge and mezzanine bedroom – perfectly soundproofed so I can turn up the volume on the music and just enough space to dance around my lounge!

A few more random things about me:

  • I’m one of the 18-35% of the population with Photic Sneeze Reflex i.e. I sneeze because of the sun! I also sneeze because of the bright light when I turn my phone on during the night. Apparently it’s genetic, so I blame my Dad (my Mum is part of the other 65-82% of the population who simply laugh at us in amusement or look with a confused face at our weirdness).
  • I’m 6 ft tall – as a result I love weddings when the girls wear heels and I feel more normal.
  • I play clarinet, a little bit of piano, I’m teaching myself acoustic guitar, and I love to sing (really loudly)!!
  • People seem to hear of my baking skills before they even meet me!
  • I spent my childhood in Harrow, London. I spent my teenage years in Weymouth, Dorset. I’ve spent the whole of my adult life so far in Brighton, East Sussex.
  • I’ve been live on BBC1 with a zoom in close-up.. awkward!
  • Every time I visit London I make sure to buy myself a pot of Snog’s Natural Frozen Yogurt – so gooood!
  • I have two amazing older brothers and as a result I grew up playing with toy cars and electric railways –  the barbies tended to stay in the cupboard.
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Enough said.