Convicted of righteousness 

Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin… how many times have I heard this statement or even said it myself?! 

But Holy Spirit doesn’t convict us of our sins. He convicts us of our righteousness. He is the spirit within us who testifies that we are children of God, and that we are indeed heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17).

It is in that place of conviction, where we are reminded of our righteousness, that we can’t help but see the areas that we are not living as if we are righteous children of God. We see the areas that are still under the lies of the enemy. 

Physchologists have long realised that a positive motive is much more of a stimulant that a negative. When Holy Spirit reminds us that we a righteous, He reminds us that, as Christ is righteous, the verdict is the same for us as we are found in Him. He calls us saints, not sinners, because we have been fundamentally changed. We are no longer the sinner because we have been born again in Christ and our identity is now identical to His. 

So why then do we so often hear the conviction of our sin and not the conviction of our righteousness? We have believed the lie that God is not a loving Father. We have believed the lie that He is harsh and judgemental, and therefore we have already decided what He thinks of us and rather than righteousness springing to mind, we think of all the areas we fall short, all our failures and our sins. We hold ourselves to the law, which was given to restrain evil in the world. When we hold our lives up to the law we see sin, but we are no longer under the law, but under grace. God convicts the world of sin because they do not believe in Him (John 16:8-9) but we are not of the world, for we have been born again (John 17:16). 

Yes, God hates sin. But when He looks at us He doesn’t see sin, He sees His son, Jesus. Yes, we are to repent and ask for forgiveness of sins, but we are also to recognise that we are no longer inherently sinners. It is no longer our nature. We are now saints. We are righteous because we have been redeemed and born again into the perfection who is Jesus. As we lean into Him and into that identity He transforms our minds so we recognise the truth and we can begin to walk in that truth. 

You are no longer numbered among the sinners.

You are righteous! You are a child of God and an heir with Christ! 


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