Hiding the obvious

Have you ever been thinking to yourself and quickly realise that your thoughts are heading down a potentially dangerous path? I will quite often get thoughts in my head that I know are lies of the enemy or thoughts that are under the influence of a lie, and, as I recognise them, I stop my thoughts and cut them off. I will choose to stop thinking about them and instead remind myself of the truth.

That can be all well and good, and it can be a really good thing to teach yourself to do. It’s part of the way that we break agreement with the lies of the enemy and we learn to rejoice in the truth. However…

I find that if we are constantly stopping ourselves mid-thought, we can end up blinding ourselves to our real emotions and never actually deal with the root cause of those thoughts.

As usual, I process the best through externalising my thoughts and emotions. I sat down this evening with my journal and the intention to be brutally honest with myself and with God about what I am feeling. I then messaged a friend (a bit of a cry for help with a fellow INFJ) and spent some time talking with her about what I was processing. As I was relaying some of the stuff going through my head, I hit a moment when something I said rang out like alarm bells in the night. The truth of what I had spoken resonated deeply within me and confirmed it was something that I had been believing, but it was most obviously not founded in the truth. It exposed the real emotions and the real lies I have been believing.

How do you deal with the lies you are believing if you don’t know 1. What they are, and 2. How deep they go?

God can handle it!

I think sometimes we can be good “Christians” and hide the depths of our hearts by covering it with truth, because we know what is at the very depths is often something ugly. We try and hide it from God and from ourselves out of fear. What will He think of me if my true thoughts were exposed to Him? But really, they are already exposed to Him. It’s ourselves that they are hidden from. When you get them out in the open it then becomes something that God can deal with. If we allow ourselves to follow through to get to the place where our hearts are hurting the most, and expose the lies we are holding onto, it then allows God to work with us and reveal the truth to us in the most intimate and powerful way.


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