Leading Yourself

How good are we at leading ourselves into a place of worship?
Worship can look like a lot of different things – it could be singing, reading, talking, listening, walking… you name it! But do we know how we connect with God and how good are we at leading ourselves in doing that?
One thing I discovered a few years back was that I didn’t’ really know how to lead myself. I find that I really connect with God through music, but without realising I had turned the songs of worship on Sunday into a personal worship time which was often about God meeting my needs and dealing with the struggles of life. Not only that but I inadvertently put responsibility of bringing myself into a place of worship onto the worship leaders each Sunday.
One day as I was listening to worship music whilst getting ready in the morning, and singing along as I always did, I felt a nudge of the Holy Spirit to stop what I was doing and just worship. I would always listen to worship music in the background but somehow I had never twigged that I could worship at home like I did on a Sunday with everything else put aside. I decided in that moment to stop, stand in the middle of my bedroom, raise my hands and sing my worship. It felt weird. But God really met with me.
Beyond that point I discovered what personal worship looks like for me and as a result it has completely changed the point of singing songs of worship as the Church on Sundays.
The thought I would like to leave you with is – do you know how you connect with God? And are you good at leading yourself into that place?


I think there are a lot of people who don’t know how to worship personally, so they attempt to do it on Sunday at Church. But are we missing something of what corporate worship is?

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