One of things the enemy loves to do is feed us lies – about who we are and who God is. It can be easy to dismiss this, thinking that you would know if you’re believing a lie.
What the enemy loves to do is feed you a lie which originates from some sort of truth. If he can take an element of truth and twist it, you are much more likely to believe it. He will often repeat something that has been said to you before. When you hear something multiple times it’s easy to start believing it or at least believing it or at least believing there’s some truth in it!
The number of times I find myself thinking something and suddenly my brain kicks in and I realise I’ve been bouncing a lie around my head. It quite often happens when my barriers are at their lowest – when I’m tired and/or struggling. It can be so easy to swallow it because there is some version of truth in it so I believe it – it can quickly turn into a downward spiral.
That is until the Holy Spirit within me reminds me who I really am!
We need to get good at batting away the lies. Be aware of how you’re feeling and when you are more susceptible to the lies.
Get good at deciphering what is truth within something and what is either twisted truth or lies.
The way we recognise that something is a lie is by having the truth within us. You need to grasp who God is and what He thinks about you. The Bible is full if truth about Him and His thoughts about us! Get close to Him and stay close.

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