Speak Life!

I’ve been struck recently about the power of positive speech and positive stimulus (if that’s the right way to put it).
I know that we need to make room for speaking into negative things to bring wisdom and counsel and even discipline. But I’ve noticed that some of the biggest influences that have brought about change in my life has been because my eyes have been lifted to something positive rather than negative.
Jesus speaks life to people. He might point out the sin in someone’s life but he then proceeds to speak life to them – speaks encouragement. He speaks of their potential and how He wants to use them, to see them flourish and to show his goodness.
When I am praying for someone, if I feel like I can see something negative in that person’s life then I choose, rather than to speak out that negative, to release the opposite. God hasn’t created them to live in that negative, whatever it may be, instead He has called them to live in fullness! By encouraging and speaking life we pull the destiny and purposes out of someone. We cause them to see the bigger picture and that God has called them to be so much more.
This doesn’t just apply when speaking to individuals, but also when speaking to a group or community. When you paint a picture of how things could be and what you want to aim towards then you paint a positive picture rather than addressing each negative. I’ve been blessed to have had experience of being in a community where a culture was laid out at the beginning that showed something that we want to be, rather than what we would rather not be.
It seems far more powerful to focus on the positive than the negative. It brings hope and life!

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