I find that I process my thoughts best through writing. I’m one of those types that never has a single thought in my head, I always have a million in one go that is a web of thoughts all linked together.
Sometimes I can find it quite hard to understand my own thoughts and so writing them helps me to focus on just a few and brings some sense of connectivity and continuity.
My writings on here have often been long thought about and processed thoughts that have become firm foundations of belief for me.
But I’ve been really challenged recently to not fear unprocessed thoughts, because often it’s as we try and filter them that we lose something of what He originally spoke to us.
I’m also the kind that has a million of these unprocessed snippets of God’s voice and promptings on my phone because it’s always when I’m out and about that they pop into my head. They rarely come when I have my journal open and pen in hand.
This is why I haven’t posted so much recently because my thoughts have been on super speed and very little processing has happened. I have many potential blog posts which remain on my phone half written.
So my plan is to share some of my more unprocessed and unfiltered thoughts but simply what impressions I have felt God give me. I never mean anything I write to be taken without first bringing it to God yourself and weighing it with your own beliefs. But I hope instead that they will be like what they have been for me – gentle nudges and prompts to seek God, see what He is doing, how He works and what more He has for me.

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