Overwhelmed and blown away… how God set me up for the most amazing end to TSM!

On the Saturday just before my TSM graduation (just over a week ago now), God demonstrated his love in the most incredible way. 
I had spent an hour having coffee with my friend and discipler and I was telling her how I was disappointed that I hadn’t stepped out on the streets beyond TSM outreach. Over the year, I’ve gone out most Thursday afternoons on the prophetic team where we’ve done spiritual readings and tattoo and dream interpretation which is essentially prophesying over people and encouraging them. 
If I’d thought a year ago I would be regularly prophesying over non believers then my mind would be a little bit blown. But by the end of TSM that is exactly what I had done. But even within that context you can find a comfort zone and suddenly, when you are without the signs and the gazebo and the incredibly gifted team of people, it becomes really terrifying to step out and it’s something I’m learning to do. But by the end of TSM I still hadn’t stepped out on the street outside of TSM, yet I had dreams of regularly stepping out and seeing people encounter the love of God.

Anyway, that coffee chat ended quite abruptly due to parking times and I went off and joined a couple of friends. 
I walked into Coffee With Art to meet Eli and Chi Chi, two friends from TSM, who were just about to leave. As i walked in though, they immediately greeted me by saying “Great you can help us”. They then proceeded to say they were about to leave when God highlighted a man just a couple of tables away and they felt that God wanted to speak to them. They had asked God to speak to them and had a couple of ideas. So they asked me to listen to what they had and see what I thought and see if I got anything else. 
Coming away from the coffee with my discipler, though, I was quite emotional and told them I probably wouldn’t be any help. But the moment they started speaking God gave me two things which very much tied in with what they felt God wanted to say. Between us we felt God say he was a business man who owned his own company and that he had leadership in him. We also felt God wanted to financially provide and encourage him that he had the strategies for increasing and expanding his business. 
We wrote it down on a bit of paper, and having had some experience of relaying prophetic words to non Christians I helped word it. We wrote it down being aware that he was sat at his table with his laptop and lots of paper doing work, so didn’t want to invade his space. 
After writing it down I encouraged Eli to go and share it with him, as the previous week she expressed that her fear was initiating conversation. And she was amazing and bold and went for it. We discussed what to say beforehand and decided that she should ask if he owned a business and if he said yes then to explain we are Christians and hearing from God, and to give him the note and say if he wants to chat more then we would be sat over at our table.

I was so excited when I overheard him say yes straight away to owning a business, but I totally wasn’t ready for what happened next. 
I won’t explain all the details, but about 5 minutes later he came over with his laptop and some paper in his hands and said straight out “You need to tell me more about this, how do you know all this, do you know someone who knows me or have you looked at my laptop”. I then started to explain that we asked God to speak to us and this is what he said. I said that God knew him, wanted to show that he loved him and he wanted to reveal himself. He then grabbed a chair and sat down with us and I started to ask about his business and what it is his does. 
He then put down the bit of paper on the table which is the front cover of a book that he was working on in that moment. The first thing we wrote in exact words was “We see leadership in you”, and the title of this book was basically how to do leadership in business. He then proceeded to guide us through his website and described and explained his business all to do with leadership in different areas of business and industry. 
That then sparked off about half hour of conversation, asking about his business etc. He talked about various bits of the prophetic word and how they directly related to a business situation he is in and asked us our opinion on what he should do. We got to share God’s love for him and encourage him. Eli then asked if she could pray for his business to which he responded very positively with a yes please. I decided that I didn’t want to pray until I knew what he thought about God so in that moment I asked him where he was at with God. He then explained that he became a Christian when he was a teenager and his dad is a Christian etc, but that he hasn’t been to church for a long time. We got to pray with him and bless his business and family, and then we talked further about church. We explained to him that we weren’t from Bedford but we were there to do TSM and that we were graduating the next day. We then gave him the details of Kings Arms Church on the message of Jesus booklet and asked him if he would like to come along. He explained that he had been in Bedford for a few months but in the last 3-4 weeks he had been starting to wonder about going back to church. 
We knew that with us not being in Bedford, we needed to get him in contact with someone from the church, and it just so happened that one of the guys working at the coffee shop was from KA. So we ushered him over and before we knew it he was prophesying more stuff over him which was amazing. 
We talked about KA and he said that his wife was arriving at the airport Sunday morning and he wouldn’t be able to make it as he had to pick her up.

By this time we were then asked to leave the shop as they were closing. We exchanged numbers as we wanted to keep in touch and he said he would send us free copies of his book. And we cheekily got a picture as he was so lovely and friendly. 

We left the coffee shop feeling absolutely amazing as we had seen how God had spoken so clearly to him and revealed himself. And the fact that he was really interested in coming to KA another week.

About an hour later I received a text from him saying the landing times for his wife were later than expected and he would come to our graduation the next morning, the 11.30 meeting!!

The next morning I was so excited to see of he would come. By the time the meeting started I hadn’t seen him. But then towards the end of the worship I spotted him at the back of the room and I was absolutely elated! I went and found him and welcomed him. When they finished the worship I invited him to come and sit where I was as there was space. It was so amazing to see how he participated in all that was going on. He was so happy, and was standing to clap and honour people when I was. When I came back to my seat with my certificate he hugged me and congratulated me. He is such and amazing friendly guy. 
Wendy then spoke on ‘The Normal Christian Life’, how we are all called to live like Jesus and the things he did we can also do. In my view, it wasn’t a ‘seeker friendly’ talk but a provocation to the Christians in the room that we are called to see miracles and love people how he did. But at the end Wendy asked if there was anyone who wanted to commit their lives to Jesus and also if there was anyone who wanted to come back to God and recommit. All eyes were closed in the room but I cheekily peeked and saw as he lifted his hand. At the end of the meeting someone came and chatted with him to follow up his response. They chatted for a while and he prayed for him. It was so exciting and encouraging to see. I cannot describe my emotions at the time except to say I was filled with overwhelming joy and disbelief at what had just happened. It seemed so unreal but yet it was real and incredible! 
He stuck around a little after the meeting and came and found me. He was so filled with joy and even wanted to ask again about the prophetic words we had given him and pulled out the note we wrote to him the day before. I got to encourage him but also introduce him to Stef who leads the outreach on TSM. They exchanged numbers and organised to meet up that week.

Well just over a week later I am still so overwhelmed and grateful to God for how he revealed himself so intimately. 
He met up with Stef for dinner, they also went to play tennis together on Sunday, and he made it to church again with his baby daughter.

What a way to end TSM!
Straight after saying that I was disappointed about not stepping out on the street I walked straight into a set up encounter. 
I want to honour Eli and Chi Chi (Morgan) and say you guys are amazing. You were bold and switched on to God’s promptings, and it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you.

God is so good. He is mighty to save and he will use us to reach out and love people who need and are searching for God if you will just listen to his quiet promptings. 
You never know.. something you say might directly lead to a person meeting and entering into a relationship with God.


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