"I am never alone and I am never hopeless…" – Review of ‘The Times Of Kerim’ by Katy Hollway

I first read The Times Of Kerim a few months ago and it was an incredible read in so many ways. I’ll be honest and say that in the first few chapters I was rather shocked at what I was reading, not just because of the content and description of some rather horrendous events, but because it was my friend who had written these things and I had no idea where it was going or where the story fitted in. But as I continued to read I found myself drawn into the story in a way that you can’t be drawn into many others. This story, whilst reading about another character who you inevitably become very attached to, becomes your own story. How can I best describe this? I think the only way I can is to explain that this book has had lasting effects on my walk with God in such simple but significant ways. 

Bill Johnson from Bethel Church, Redding, California, says that “What you can see is inferior, and is shaped by what you can’t see”. The main theme that comes from this book is the extremely real spiritual battle we are in. But the exciting thing about this book is that never ever do you get the sense of the enemy is winning… I think if I’m honest with myself, I sometimes believe this lie in my life in the way I respond to life’s events. But all the way through The Times Of Kerim, there is a hope that is displayed. I found incredible peace as I saw how the angels were responding to the schemes of the enemy, the calm confidence and understanding of their authority, that nothing can stop them because they are under the command of the God with all authority and power. 

It’s been incredibly comforting to read about a helpless girl, believing so many lies about herself and in a very weak state physically, mentally and spiritually, being guarded and protected by the hosts of Heaven. 

I think you find yourself in this story because everyone can relate to Kerim in some way. But it’s incredible to see how the angels minister to her and guide her towards the truth, and that is exactly what the angels are doing with us. We can be very turned off to the spiritual, but I think if you are turned off then you are going to be run over by forces you don’t conceive and you very quickly find yourself standing in the enemy’s territory. After having read this book, I was so much more switched on to the activities in the spirit realm and particularly how the angels are ministering. When reading Kerim, I found myself seeing the goodness of God in a whole new light because I saw how he ministered to Kerim during her darkest moments, which for me would be the moments where I don’t know where God is. Yet even in those moments we can be aware that God is ministering to us, bringing such hope to us and revealing truth.

One of my favourite parts of this book which cannot go without mention is the way in which this fiction story is hidden within a true story. With Kerim being a fictional character within a very real Biblical event, there comes like an added dimension to a very well known and often overlooked story in the Bible that can very quickly be sidetracked as just a popular kids Bible story. But this is not for the feint hearted! If we simply reduce this story to a kids version, you lose the immense power of it. Whilst the story that is brought has a fictional emphasis, it brings like a 4th dimension that helps you to start thinking beyond what is seen to the way in which God’s plans and purposes are orchestrated in incredible ways.

Many times since finishing the book I have wanted to pick it up and start reading it again, but for various reasons I haven’t been able to. But even as I think back over the book I find comfort and a peace that comes to me as I remember the revelations I received of God’s love and mercy in our most hopeless moments. It’s brought a whole new meaning to me that I am never alone and I am never hopeless…

And the amazing thing is – you can read the first three chapters for free. Head on over to Katy’s blog here. The book is available to buy on Amazon here


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