The Intensity of His Love…!!

Often you will hear the love of God referred to like the love of a father, or a friend, or even sometimes as a mother. I’m sure this is what most people will think of when you talk about the love of God. But I think if these are the only ways in which we see His love then we will miss a vital aspect – you are only experiencing part of the love of God!
Ever heard the love of God being referred to as that of a lover?
If you haven’t, well now you have. And if you have, have you been like me and just awkwardly skipped over that revelation, not truly understanding what it meant? For me, thinking about the love of God like a lover, a husband – real romantic love – always sounded a bit funny in my head! I know that it talks about the bride and bridegroom in the Bible, Christ being the bridegroom and the Church being the bride that He returns to claim for Himself, and it’s something I had never spent much time thinking about and I still haven’t completely got my head around it. But God has been revealing this romantic love to me as I have been reading a book called ‘A Divine Invitation’ by Steve McVey (which I would highly recommend even though I haven’t yet finished it!).
My blog is titled ‘Journey Into Intimacy’, and understanding the romantic love of God is part of that journey into intimacy. After all, what could be more intimate than lovers?
Often we are so focused on what Christ has done for us in the forgiveness of our sins, and so focused on the future when Christ returns, that we find ourselves waiting for that time and doing a few things that God calls us to in the mean time. But we miss out on the now, the life of intimacy that God wants to draw us into. “Authentic Christianity is not so much a transaction by which a person’s sins are forgiven as it is a love story between two people – you and Jesus Christ”.
Ok…. do something with me please…. just stop for a moment and consider a love story. I don’t want this all to be just writing, but rather a means by which you might experience the love of God. If you’re married then you will have your own love story to consider, and if single like me then it’s not too hard to imagine.
God has called you into a love story……….
Isn’t that a little bit mind-blowing?!
Every girl wants to be romanced, and I’m sure every guy wants to find love! God has called you into an intimate relationship where you get to experience those feelings of insatiable love!
Ok, for those of you who are already a little freaked out by this concept of romantic love with the God of heaven, check out this quote (because I can’t write it any better!):
“Don’t think it irreverent to view Christ in a romantic way. He is the One who calls us His bride. He is the One who wrote to us in terms of passion and romance. We simply respond to Him. “We love Him because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). We didn’t initiate or set the pace for this relationship; He did. We have simply responded to His irresistible charm, affirming by faith, “My beloved is mine, and I am His” (Song of Solomon 2:16). Like every new bride, our profession of faith in Him is nothing less than the thrilling realisation that, “I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me” (7:10, emphasis added)”
Because we refer so much to the love of God being like that of a father, mother and friend, we adopt a view of God’s love as gentle, the kind of love that quiets you. God’s love is definitely like that, but the love of God like that of a lover is intense, passionate and fiery! “The love of Jesus Christ for you is not just a “gentle Jesus, meek and mild” kind of love. It is a love filled with passion. It is a love that caused your Prince Charming to wield His sword (of the Spirit) and fight the dragon (the devil, see Revelation 12:9) for you!”
I love the song by Jeremy Riddle, called Furious. If you haven’t listened to it then you need to! Here’s the link:’ve given you a live version of it from Bethel Church, Redding that leads into spontaneous song because it’s such an amazing version – maybe take some time out after reading this to close your eyes and listen to it… and let the Holy Spirit bring revelation)
Jeremy writes:
“His love is deep, His love is wide
And it covers us
His love is fierce, His love is strong
It is furious
His love is sweet, His love is wild

And it’s waking hearts to life”

How many of those descriptive words could you use for the way you’ve experienced God’s love? If you can’t use all of those then there is more of His love for you to discover! If you can use all of those words… don’t stop – there is still so much deeper for you to go!!

A translation of Zephaniah 3:17 says “He will exult over you with joy”. Sometimes the word exult is translated as “rejoice”, but Strong’s Concordance for the word “exult” defines it this way: “To spin around under the influence of a violent emotion”.
Can you see God spinning with joy over you?!! He can’t contain himself, when He sees you He has to rush to you.
“His love for you is great! One might say that the love of Jesus for you could be X-rated, not because of impurity, but because of intensity.”
Can you imagine… can you fathom… a love that is so intense! God wants to reveal that kind of love to you because that is how He has loved you from the moment He decided to create you. He has called you into an intimate relationship with himself. He has stretched out His hand to you and asked you to dance with Him.


“His love is intense, but His ways are gentle”

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